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TWRA Roadshow


Asian carp caught at Reelfoot Spillway

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will visit Paris September 27th for a public presentation on a variety of topics and you’re invited to attend. The open meeting will be held at Krider Performing Arts Center, 650 Volunteer Drive beginning at 7 PM.

Billed as the TWRA Roadshow, the agency has already held similar public meetings in middle and east Tennessee where Tennessee sportsmen and wildlife enthusiast can learn more about their wildlife agency and some programs underway.

Headlining the program will be TWRA Fisheries Chief Bobby Wilson who will talk on a variety of fish management with emphasis on the Asian Carp saga that is threatening to offset the balance and management of such places as Kentucky and Barkley Lakes.

The Asian Carp are comprised of a variety of subspecies such as Big Head and Silver Carp. Big Head Carp are showing up in Kentucky and Barkley Lakes in massive numbers and both commercial and sport fishermen are concerned.

Silver Carp are the jumping type that can be dangerous to boaters and reports are coming in from anglers seeing them here already.

Are you concerned about the Asian carp invasion? Do you want to learn more about this threat to your fishery and what can be done to help control them?

The carp are nonnative and pose a problem to other fish as they compete for phytoplankton and zooplankton that most other gamefish rely in their infancy. Other species such as spoonbill catfish are adversely affected as well.

In many northern lakes and rivers, as well as numerous oxbows lakes and sloughs along the Mississippi River, the carp have entered and overpopulated to the extent that other gamefish have all but vanished in some areas. Reelfoot Lake has also reported the carp invasion.

Wilson will address the growing problem and concern at the meeting and inform anglers and other lake users what lies ahead as to TWRA’s plans to combat the unwanted visitor that has the potential to greatly diminish our fishery here.

Don King, Information and Education coordinator for TWRA will make a short presentation on some interesting programs the agency has underway.

Bobwhite quail will be on the bill too as biologist Don McKenzie will speak on this popular gamebird’s plight. McKenzie eventually arose as a national leader for what now is recognized as arguably the largest and most difficult wildlife conservation challenge of this era—restoring huntable populations of bobwhites across their range.

Anglers, boaters, hunters, and all wildlife enthusiasts are encouraged to attend and learn more about your wildlife agency. Mark your calendar and help get the word out to fellow sportsmen.

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