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Most agree Memorial Day is the official kickoff to the summer boating season. They also agree Labor Day is the official end to it.

Recreational boaters of all kinds will take to the water for the long three-day holiday period, making the most of hot days and warm water for swimming, skiing and pleasure craft in general. Most know cool days are fast approaching so they’ll make the most of one last fling before fall.

While there are plenty of nice fall weekends ahead for pontoon rides and all other outdoor recreational opportunities there’s something about the curtain falling after this weekend comes and goes. Kids are in school with so many activities commanding their free time. And as Andy Griffith once said: “There’s this thing…they call it football!

Hunting seasons are here too and others are on the horizon so that’s another thing pulling folks off the lake.

Marinas and boathouses along the lake are full of nice pleasure boats that only see action during Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day holiday periods. There might be an occasional trip or two sandwiched in there somewhere but you’d be surprised how many vessels suffer from neglect.

Truth is, the next few weeks are great times to be out on the water and just enjoy the transition of seasons. The crowds shrink but stable weather is the norm and fall boating is quite rewarding on the lake.

Enjoy what’s left of the summer boating season. These hot and humid days will soon lose their grip and fade to fall.

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