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From Reelfoot Lake Treasures
by Lexie Leonard

 Here's one of the great stories from Mr. Leonard's book, Reelfoot Lake Treasures.

 One day Mr. Horace Stanfield and I were fishing down by Della’s Towhead. We were catching bream s fast as we could take them off our hook as we had hit a bed of bream. There was a boat of three people fishing slowly toward us. It was two women and one man. They got close enough that they could see us catching fish and you could hear the ladies say, “Look they caught one, Oh, look they caught another one, let’s go up there, Oh, look they both got one.”

 At the same time you could tell this was building up pressure inside this man but he never said a word and they would get a little closer. One said, “Let’s go on up there with them and fish.” Naturally all fishermen know that this is not the sportsman thing to do. But the man knew that he couldn’t make the ladies understand about a bream bed, and so he didn’t try.

By the time they had gotten real close, and you could tell they were envying every fish that we caught. All of a sudden Horace got a big fish, and it wasn’t a bream. The pole bending, the water flying, and the ladies hollering, “Just look, he got a big one.” He finally landed about a four pound catfish and one of the ladies said, “Mister, what are you all baiting with?” Horace replied, “Humming birds.” The lady said to the man, “Let’s go get us some humming birds.” The man finally spoke and said, “You know blank, blank, well that man is lying to you.” I then pulled out and let them have the spot because I knew the jig was up as the catfish had stirred up the water so the bream left for a while.

The catfish will eat a whole spawn if the bream can’t fight them off. I kept watching them, but I never saw them catch a fish in there after we left. I believe the ladies really thought we were baiting with humming birds. Those ladies didn’t know a fisherman can get a liar’s license to lie about everything except the weight of a new born baby.

  A few copies are still available at the Reelfoot State Park Visitor Center, Boyette's Dining Room, Boyette's Resort, Cypress Point Resort and Eagle Nest Resort.

 We hope to have this book reprinted  soon.


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