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reelfoot lake fishing report

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report
             April 20, 2017


Jackie Wayne's...back with a fishing report for all y'all fishermen and it's looking good... 

Water temp is still in the upper 60's....lake level is above pool.

  Well folks...crappie are sprawling around the shoreline, shallow trees, stumps, and pads...vertical jigging is great with jigs tip with wax worms or minnows. Crappie that are being caught are in 2 to 6 feet of water.
Today we had a great time catching crappie on beds...the white male turns black when their on bed...so when you catch one your on a bed...stop and fish it out...it should be more than one there...take your time and fish it good.

Bass are also spawning in shallow water around duck blinds, stumps, and trees...their biting on top water baits, spinners, and jigs...don't forget the ditches.

  Bluegill...are doing good in shallow water around trees, stumps, pads, and shore lines...use jigs tip with wax worms or crickets. 

Catfish...are doing
 good on stink bait around longs, trees, grass, and shorelines.

 Be safe...have fun fishing...take a kid.

 God Bless to all

Thanks Jackie Wayne!

For fishing or hunting guide give me a call....
Jackie Wayne

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