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reelfoot lake fishing report

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for:
September 20, 2011

    Reelfoot Lake is 1' below pool level.  The normal lake level is 282.20.  The lake is in the 281.15 range right now so slow navigation is advised. Water color is good all over the lake. Surface temps this week were in the 69 to 72 degree range but will likely fall back a few degrees as cooler nights return.

   Bluegill: Slow: Some scattered bluegill were being caught by anglers tossing worms and crickets around parameters of grass and stumps out form shorelines.

   Crappie: Great!: Fall crappie are overlooked and underrated and this past week has seen significant improvement as the bite has been good. Fishing in the 10 to14 foot depth range has produced good numbers of  fish, with minnows and some jigs tipped with minnows. Remember, the limit is 30 Crappie per day per man. There are no size limits on Reelfoot Lake.

   Bass: Good: Bass are biting good around the pads and duck weed on top water baits.

  Catfish: Good: Fishermen were catching decent stringers around the trees and deeper pads. The catfish are biting on cut shad and night crawlers.

  Stripes: Good: Catching good numbers of fish on pin minnows. Look for the stripes surfacing during day.

Fall is a great time to be on the lake. Not many boats are on the water so itís nice and quiet out there. Good fishing and good weather are other reasons to pursue this fall fishing gig.

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Jackie Van Cleave is a guide for Blue Bank Resort. For more information on Jackie's  guide services: Click Here


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