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From Reelfoot Lake Treasures
by Lexie Leonard

There are a lot of snake stories and most of them are stories but this one is true. I was rowing my boat going fishing one beautiful day. There were two elderly people tied up in old Bayou De Chein fishing in a boat in the shade. Birds seem to be happily singing and the people in the boat seemed not to have a worry in the world and they were pulling in a blue gill now and then.

I rowed on past where I could no longer see them and something went wrong. The woman began screaming at the top of her voice and I stopped immediately. I could tell that something had happened. I turned my boat around to go back to see if I could help.

As I got into view of them I could see through the cypress trees that they were in trouble. The woman was in the rear of the boat and the man was standing up facing her beating her with a long boat paddle. Her boat seat turned over backwards and he was still beating her with the paddle. Her feet were sticking up in the air. I really thought he was killing her by the way she was hollering. I hollered to him, “What are you trying to do, kill her?”. He looked up and then got over balanced. The boat started sinking in about 4 foot deep water.

Then, I saw what was wrong. A water  snake went swimming across the canal. The snake had fallen off a limb into the woman’s lap and the man was trying to kill the snake. The snake was trying to hide under her dress. She wasn’t only scared, but all bruised up. Maybe “baby” should have worn her blue jeans that day. 


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