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Reelfoot's Swamp Tromp
(The month of May)

 So you want to experience nature, well this is the event for you. The Reelfoot Swamp Tromp is a wet walk through the remote areas of the lake that provide a view of the area's most unique ecosystem. 

 As leader David Haggard says, "It's the most unusual trip that Reelfoot offers. You can really get eye to eye with the plants and creatures that inhabit Reelfoot Lake."

 You can see one of the most spectacular trees in the Mississippi delta, the Giant Cypress Tree. They grow up to 50+ feet in circumference and Reelfoot has a couple that are over 30 feet in circumference. Not many are left and the only way to see them at Reelfoot is by getting deep into the swamp. Well, the Swamp Tromp will get you there.

 I'm not going to kid you and say this trip is for everyone. Only serious naturalists who don't mind getting a little messy should attend. But, it's guaranteed to be the experience of a lifetime. 

 For more information contact Reelfoot State Park at 731-253-9652



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