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Wildlife Damage and Populations Management

The University of Tennessee’s Agricultural Extension service has an interesting and informative newsletter from the division of forestry, wildlife, and fisheries. Each issue has some valuable tidbits and here are a few I thought you might find interesting regarding wildlife damage and populations management:
(1) Put up chicken-wire fence 2 feet high around vegetable gardens to protect them from rabbits.
(2) Put up a 2- or 3-strand electric fence (one strand 6 inches above ground and the other 6 inches higher) to keep groundhogs and raccoons out of vegetable gardens.
(3) To repel deer from vegetable gardens, erect a single-strand electric fence (2 ˝ feet above ground) with aluminum tabs attached every 3 – 5 feet.
- Smear peanut butter on the aluminum tabs.
- Deer are attracted to the peanut butter. When they touch the aluminum tabs with their mouths, they learn to stay away.
(4) Nuisance crawdads in the yard may be remedied by pouring boiling water down the spout of the mound.
(5) To keep bats out of attics and out from under vinyl siding and other areas, close or cover up all holes and cracks so they can’t get in!
- do this at night after bats have left the roost; it may be necessary to open the hole the
following night to allow any bats that were trapped inside a chance to leave
- maternal colonies will migrate to hibernation sites in the fall. If you wait until then to
close holes and cracks, you will avoid trapping any inside.
(6) “Repel” snakes by cleaning up around the house – mow more often, remove piles of wood, brush, and trash. There is no reliable “repellent” for snakes; only “snake oil”.


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